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Are you a fan of Gin and Tonic? If you are, you are not alone. There are millions of consumers today who love a G&T and this number is growing rapidly. Just 5 years ago, G&T was an afternoon drink enjoyed by a minority. Then about 3-4 years ago, the number of drinkers choosing G&T started rising. And today, while the number of people preferring this drink has increased substantially, G&T has become a preferred cocktail even during dinner and post-dinner scenes, and is hence not just limited to brunch gatherings.          

But do we know how much sugar there is in tonic? You will be surprized to know that a standard tonic water can (the yellow one, yes!) has as much sugar as your Coke or Pepsi! That is an insanely high amount right? The big soft drink companies add such high dosage of sugar in order to mask the bitterness of quinine, a key component of tonic water. As per a 2019 research, the more sugar sweetened drinks one consumes, the greater the risk of early death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, especially among women.

Things are changing for good                                                               

However, tonic water as a category is evolving. Modern premium tonic water brands have identified a way to mask the bitterness of quinine not with excessive sugar, but rather a perfect blend of small dosage of sugar (typically 50% as compared to the conventional canned tonics) and non-artificial flavours. The bitterness of quinine is more prominent in such tonics (hence the real taste of tonic water), they are a lot less sweet, and as a result they mix well with the fine spirit they are being added to.  

We at PEER understand the importance of keeping sugar low. Thus on average, we are the lowest calorie tonic water available in the market in India. We have even gone a step further and developed a zero calorie and zero sugar variant of the classic Indian tonic water. This sugar free tonic is apt for people with diabetes and for those wanting to cut down on calories. Furthermore, we have attained this without the use of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (Equal) and Saccharin (Sweet’N Low) which come with their own set of controversies. We instead use stevia, which is a natural sweetener.


Hi there, thanks for reading this blog and learning more about low calorie and zero calorie tonic water in India and abroad. Tonic water with low calories is a must in today’s age, and we hope you have tried PEER’s tonic waters. Please do tell us which one is your favourite, and which cocktail do you make with it, or do you like to have it as is? 
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