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PEER is the latest launch of Leocorno Enterprises, a company formed in 2016 that offers consumer brands in India, UK, and UAE. PEER’s mission is to become the leading premium tonic water brand globally by year 2030. PEER will be launching 4 additional flavours in the coming months, and is also venturing into other beverage segments that offer innovative and healthy products.

3 Key Pillars of Our Foundation

1. Uncompromised Quality

From the use of top quality ingredients, solid glass bottles that can sustain the right carbonation level, to all aspects of the product, we only deal in superior inputs. We give paramount importance to customer service, having an intuitive website, and visibility and presence across key brick & mortar stores.           

2. Working with the Best

We firmly believe in working with the best raw material suppliers, logistics providers, retail channel partners, and having the most driven and competent team at PEER. The people and teams we work with have proved track record and are the best in their respective fields.

3. Sustainability

From our decision of never using PET/plastic bottles, exploring more ways of becoming eco-friendly, to the selection of our sustainability issues we want to focus on, it is clear that we want to make a positive difference. PEER will contribute a minimum of 5% of profits each year via well-intentioned NGOs/activists and by forming an in-house CSR department.


PEER’s tonic water range currently comprises of four variants that are low (or zero calorie). It is the lowest calorie tonic water brand in the Indian market. Each variant is less than 20kcal per 100ml, with one variant at Zero Calorie and Zero Sugar - the first of its kind in the commercial market in India. Our Bitter Lemon Tonic Water is a rare offering too, that goes well with gin as well as vodka.

We use no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavouring, and all-natural quinine, that brings out the authentic flavours of the alcohol you mix it with. This makes it the best tonic to be mixed with any fine spirit of your choice. “We have a master’s in mixing! The pairing partner for all your drinks, parties, and conversations. Enhance any fine spirit or enjoy on its own, we’re made to mix with everything.”

For our smoking accessories verticle, please visit PEER Next, which offers premium activated charcoal filter tips, rolling papers by RAW and Elements, BiC pocket lighters, rolling tobacco pouches, one hitter pipes and more. These next evolution smoking products offer export quality products to adult consumers. 

CONTACT US 1800 212 1474
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  • CONTACT US 1800 212 1474
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