ReUse Reward Program

ReUse Reward Program

We are thrilled that you are enjoying PEER tonics! Now let’s also help the planet in our own small way by reusing the glass bottles. To enable this, we have an easy to follow rewards program:

Step 1: Collect 24 empty glass bottles

Step 2: Email us at with the subject ‘ReUse Me’    

Step 3: Someone from our team will reach out to you to pick up those empty bottles

Step 4: For each set of 24 empty bottles, we will gift you with 2 complimentary tonics (flavours of your choice) 

The great thing about glass bottles (as opposed to PET/Plastic bottles or Cans) is that they can be easily reused. All PEER bottles we receive as part of this initiative, we will ensure that they are reused using international standard glass bottle cleaning and reusing processes. Thank you for your initiative.